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January 23, 2011


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Elizabeth Minchilli

Thanks for including me!

Katie Parla

as always, it is an honor to be included. thank you!

Simona Carini

Thanks for including me in your selection. Indeed, soul-warming food is at the forefront this week.


Thanks so much for linking me and I am thrilled to discover your blog and will be back.


I'm going to have to check out that dictionary from Atlantic Food. It's probably the only way I'm going to learn what the heck my Sicilian relatives served me to eat! ;-)


So happy to see more chocolate festivals on the list...& that pizza-making class sure looks like great fun! Another something to add to the wish list :)
Thanks for another wonderful week & for sharing your photos which are always inspirational! (would die to have one of those small pastries right about now :) yum...


Could you please name the restaurant pictured above with the interesting cork wall-table? Where in Tuscany is it located? It looks like a charming place to have a meal.


Elizabeth, Katie, Simona and Janie - You're very welcome!

Tuula - The pizza class is on my wish list, too! I'm a little worried my Italian isn't good enough, but that gives me incentive to practice.

Leah - The restaurant is in Greve-in-Chianti in the main piazza, Piazza Matteotti. I didn't eat there, had other reservations. I also thought the interior was charming. I'm not sure of the name, but it's on the left side of the piazza if you're facing the church.


I have dreamed of going to Italy, parking myself in a small bistro and enjoying real Italian food. The pizza looks great and thanks for all the suggestions.


Love this!


That's true Ang pizza in Italy is very delicious and has extraordinary taste. Wish I could visit Italy. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blog.

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