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January 14, 2011


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Wow. I can't believe how amazing the scenery and food looks. Thanks for the post.


Cinque Terre is probably my favorite place in Italy, thanks for giving such a beautiful description. And your Trofie are so appealing that I can almost smell them. Love it!


Our family visited Cinque Terre this summer...man, oh, man, do your pictures make me yearn to go back...one of the most gorgeous areas I've ever seen! Thanks for taking us on your journey!


Gorgeous! Funnily enough, in all the years I lived in Italy, I never got to the Cinque Terre. What a shame. We did go down to the costiera Amalfitana, on the other hand, from time to time. Looks very similar, without the pesto genovese, however... :)

Simply Life

Oh this is one of the places I REALLY want to see - gorgeous pictures!!!

Chef Dennis

Thank you for such glorious images of the Cinqe Terre
I have never been to that part of Italy!
Have a wonderful weekend


Wow, I felt as if I was right there in Italy as I looked at your beautiful photos! We're planning a trip to Italy right now for 2012, so I am more anxious then ever to go! Thanks for sharing; now following. Stop by my blog sometime if you can. Ciao.


Thank you Mark, Paolo, Liz, Frank, Simply Life, Chef Dennis, and Roz for the very sweet comments.

Mark - Yes, it is that beautiful there.

Paolo - I'm so happy that the Cinque Terre is one of your favorite places in Italy! Yes, the trofie were really good.

Frank - Do you get to make it back to Italy regularly for visits? Perhaps because the costiera Amalfitana was a little closer to Rome than the Cinque Terre you went there instead? There are similarities, and as you say, pesto genovese is not one of them. Also, where the Amalfi coast has the drive, Cinque Terre has the hike. I also found the Amalfi Coast to be, how should I say, maybe a little more buttoned up than the very laid back Cinque Terre.

Chef Dennis - I hope you get to make it there soon.

Roz - Thanks. Wow, 2012 and you are already planning! You are very organized. Is the Cinque Terre in your plans?

Hyosun Ro

Beautiful places and photos!! That grilled calamari looks so perfectly done and delicious.


Oh my, this is really making me wish it was summer and I was in Italy. I've never been to Cinque Terre, but it's definitely on my "To Go" list.


Oh, how I would love to be in Cinque Terre right now!

Corinne @ Degustinations

Simply gorgeous... on all fronts. The towns look like miniatures, so real and unreal at the same time. I love the bright colours and the sunny sensations you portray in this post. One of my favourites. A happy place for me too :)


Your blog is so wonderful! I got really caught up in the beginning of the post...& then yanked back to reality when we found you were at the dentist! But you make an excellent point...Cinque Terre is one of those magical places we all dream of & escape to in our minds whenever we think of where we'd most like to be in the world...
And I'll surely join you if you ever get a harvesting gig for those terraced vineyards - thought many the same thing myself. It's just so incredibly beautiful there! Wonderful post :)

Sofia Britts

Oh, such a beauty! How great it is to see 5 towns of Italy in a very budget-friendly trip! Every image resonates how lovely Italy is.

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