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February 04, 2011


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I haven't tried their ice cream but will be sure to taste it on my next visit. Aside from the dazzling array of flavors, I love the fact that the ice cream is a normal size. Every local ice cream parlor here serves portions so big it's unappetizing. The French have definitely mastered how to enjoy dessert! Great post.


That is SO disappointing that the sizes have shrunk. :-( That's hardly enough to get a taste, let alone be satisfied. So glad you figured out how to replicate your favorite. It sounds amazing. :-)


I hope to get to Paris one day soon...and I plan to leave my fanny pack at home...LOL. This ice cream looks divine...I adore anything caramel! This is the first ice cream I'm going to make after we get out of this deep freeze~

Belinda @zomppa

That ice cream is TOO TEMPTING!! I'd love some right now!


Um, do you deliver? :D Hehehehe! Looks great!

Corinne @ Gourmantic

Shrunken boules? That's as much sacrilege as mixing gelato and sorbets!

Can I please put in an order for your ice cream? :)

The Food Hunter



Krista - I'm gonna give Berthillon another chance. It might have just been a bad day or a grumpy server. One thing I'm certain of is that the quantity/price ratio is better with gelato in Italy (sorry France).

Tiffany & Corinne - One order each of salted butter caramel coming up :-)

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