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March 08, 2011


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I am very much enjoying your posts! The pictures are wonderful. I am itching to go to Venice for Carnival :)


I did Carnevale a number of years ago in Venice. It was awesome, but judging by your pictures you had far better weather than I.
My set from 2004. http://www.groundedtraveler.com/2010/07/16/phototour-venice-at-carnevale/
It was foggy and cold, but that just added to the mystique, so I don't complain. I loved the couples walking around in masks.


I am happy that you are having so much fun at Carnevale and meeting up with your friend Monica.
I wish that my refrigerator was filled with all of that wonderful food.

Italian Notes

Great atmosphere and photos - and nice to see tarelli and other specialties of Puglia at the Venice Martedi Grasso.


Ohh, you're killing me with these posts! Wish we were there :)

We will definitely have to make our way to carnival - the photos are simply gorgeous. I can't believe how elegant those costumes are...seem to be out of a movie, lovely!

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