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April 12, 2011


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Corinne @ Gourmantic

I LOVE the Caffarel Gianduia Stand! It's my favourite Italian chocolate and what clever presentation!


This is amazing!

Dian Emery

OMG, Chocolate! How did you resist eating everything?


A chocolate festival? In Italy?? Sign me up!


The chocolate clothing ... I think that's something I should get my daughter for her honeymoon, right?? :-)

Debi Lander

I have just added this event to my bucket list.


Thanks for the comments everyone!

Corinne - And, the clerk was dressed like Gianduia (the Turin Carnival character from the 1800s).

Dian - I didn't resist....Death by chocolate was a real possibility. I was also doing more chocolate research/tasting, in addition to the festival, for an upcoming Travel Belles article, so I had definitely overdosed on chocolate by the end of those 5 days.

Paula - Actually, there is always non-edible fabric under those chocolate garments. Might I suggest the spalmabile al gianduia (spreadable gianduia) for your daughter's honeymoon :-O

Debi - Glad to hear it. You'll definitely enjoy the trip.


Clothing made out of chocolate? Have I died and gone to heaven? Great post. Thanks so much for sharing!


I love the tall Easter eggs and miss them a lot. Without them, it doesn't feel like Easter to me. I know, they are expensive, but they are so pretty!


Carrie - Chocolate heaven, that what it was.

Simona - The decorated eggs are so pretty. They were all over Italy, practically the day after Ash Wednesday. I remember seeing my first in Rome that Thursday.

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