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April 22, 2011


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Beautiful shots! The gold eggs at the very top are my favorites... thanks for getting us in the spirit, Bon Paques!


That was an easy and fun one!

btw - just wondering - is there any "fair trade" concern/movement in Europe (France & Italy)? Where does most of the chocolate come from?


These are just beautiful-I wish I was there indulging.

The Chocolate Priestess

So beautiful! I was laughing at the buck-toothed bunnies. How cute!

Adora's box

Beautiful photos of very elegant Easter eggs. So sophisticated.

Emily @ Life On Food

I love the rooster at the end. Can you mail to me? Thanks for sharing the pictures. I miss France.


I'll have all of the dark chocolate, thank you. The buck tooth bunny is too cute to eat.

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