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April 01, 2011


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I think it's hilariously ironic that Italy is all into the trend of giving culinary stamps of approval and guidelines (compare wines: Vdt, IGT, DOCG, DOC). It's a bit absurd (to me) since I never knew two Italians make things the same way ... as this experience/post demonstrates! But I guess it also shows how creative Italians can be while using the same ingredients!!
This post will come in very handy if I every actually make it to Naples ... I'll just bring it along and follow the "tour"!!


P.S. Starita's looks the best to me, yum!


So awesome!! Booking-marking this for sure :) I've yet to make it to Naples, just passed through, but this is a great excuse to go - I'd take this "tour" myself, a super guide! That mozzarella looks so fresh I can almost taste it...well, I'll be living through your food posts until then :)
ps. cute photo, bet those guys were lovin' the attention too!


These pizzas look amazing. I may have to go have some pizza today.

Corinne @ Gourmantic

These pizze challenge everything you think you know about pizza. My Italian friend with the restaurant gave me an abridged lesson in the history of pizza and it's fascinating when you learn of its origins and how commercialised it has become!

Paolo @ Quatro Fromaggio

Amazing reportage, Kathy! It's interesting for me to see a side-by-side comparison and notice so much difference between the different styles. I'm from Northern Italy, and the Neapolitan pizza that I know and love is the one made by southern immigrants - which I find tends to look a bit like Sorbillo's. The more common, non-Neapolitan alternative in Milan has a much thinner and crunchier crust, and the cheese covers uniformly the entire surface.


Paula - I understand your point. As with many dishes, it's more than just a recipe. The pizzaiolo's skill (and how much of the supposedly "forbidden" strutto/lard he adds to the dough) plays an important part in the whole thing. I really wish I had tried the D.O.C. version at Sorbillo to see how it compared to Starita...yet another reason to return.

Esme - Anytime you want a pizza-loving partner to join you in Naples, let me know :-)

Tuula - When you go, let me know what you think. Pizza preferences are all so subjective. Being that I was at Trianon on a rainy Sunday when all the "good" Catholics were at church, it was pretty slow. I did cause a little scene near the oven when trying to take photos. Mainly, they couldn't understand why I didn't want to be in the photo. I even resorted trying to joke (in Italian) that I would break the camera (they didn't get it).

Corinne - I so agree. I initially thought they must all be realatively the same. Actually, I would have loved to try more, but it was really impossible. A pizza a day for five days is a lot of pizza.

Paolo - Thank you! From what I've seen, I would say that Sorbillo's is the quintessential Neapolitan pizza. I have to say that I'm a fan of the thicker border and more chewy crust of the Neapolitan pizza.

Phillip Eastwood

Their dedication for maintaining the traditional authenticity of Neapolitan pizza is something to be respected and looked up upon. Also, eating those freshly made pizza at the beautiful city of Naples is one of the best experience that a pizza lover will have.


There is a VPN pizzeria where I live in SLC, UT. My husband lived in Naples for a few years. When we went to the pizzeria here, he kept telling me it took him back. It was exactly the same. It was delicious, but I didn't really understand the significance until we went to Naples and I was able to savor the goodness of the pizza there. WOW! I want to go back so badly! Seeing these pizzas makes we want to jump in my car and drive to Settebello! I'll take it until I'm able to go back to Naples! BTW-I've bookmarked your website! Thank you!

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