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April 28, 2011


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Tremendous post! It all looks SO good ... I'm dying here, salivating ...


So, when are we moving to Puglia?


Delicious! Love the photographs.


How I love, love, love cheese! I'd be drooling at this place. :)


Love this post. Love the cheese. Wish that I had some of it right now.

Corinne @ Gourmantic

This looks like so much fun, and you get to taste as well!


Hi there!
Love your blog and was so happy to run across this post! My fiance and I are going to be spending a few weeks in agritourismi in Abruzzo and Puglia for our Honeymoon in a few months. We are beginning cheese makers who would love to visit a few caseifici while we're in italy. I am wondering if you might be able to pass on the contact info for Azienda Padulano as I'm having a hard time finding their website and would love to visit. Also any other tips you might have would be greatly appreciated!
Grazie mille :)
- Eileen


Thank you all for the great comments. The cheese was absolutely delicious. There is nothing like tasting fresh cheese seconds after it's been made.

Eileen - I'm sure you will LOVE Puglia. Azienda Padulano doesn't have a website, but here is their address as it's written on their business card: sede via Maglie - Cutrofiano km. 3,00 - 73022 Corigliano D'otranto (LE)- phone: 0836 427624. If you would like to make your plans independently, I would also suggest you seek out masserie, there are several that make cheese, in the area (I will be posting information on masserie soon), and there is a "Farmer's Market" in Lecce that has information on all the local producers (I will also be posting about this soon.) Actually, I have a ton more to share from my trip to Salento, the very south of Puglia, which should be useful to your travels. For something specific or more details, you are also welcome to contact me via email at chefkathyayer [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Ylenia, who offers culinary tours with Ciao Laura Culinary Tours, organized this visit and the ones to the masserie. Many times I believe you can see as much (and sometimes more) independently than with a tour, but in this case I would recommend booking a tour with Ylenia through Ciao Laura to organize a day or two touring various casefici and masserie. I spent 5 days with Ylenia and cannot say enough good things about her and her crew. I think she knows everyone in the entire Salento area. With her you would definitely get an insider's look into all of these places.


It pains me to be getting to this post so late because I just have to say this: Forget the wedding of the century, this was the trip of the century!

You did so many wonderful things on this vacation & I'm just waiting for Food Lover's Odyssey tours to get up and running :) (seriously!)


Tuula - No worries, I'm glad you're hear now! It was definitely a trip of the century, and the thing is I have at least two months more of posts, not including the recipes I learned, to share! OK, so what do you think about a "Food Lover's Odyssey & Petit France Blog's journey through the south of France"?? (seriously!)

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