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May 09, 2011


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These look down right delicious! I love eclairs, and chocolate ones none the less?! Love that you are sharing about your mom! Thanks


What a lovely post about baking with your mom. Thanks for sharing your story--and the recipe. They look absolutely delicious.


These look soooo delicious! :-) I am saving this recipe. Pate a choux always reminds me of my granny who used to make the most perfect "bigne'" in the whole world! :-)

Thanks for sharing this recipe Kathy, but above all thanks for sharing such a lovely memory of your mom, it was really touching! <3


those look lovely - as is the story about baking with your mom. Would have loved to be able to see a pic of the eclairs you made with her, too! :)

Corinne @ Gourmantic

You're killing me with the angle of these photos! I just want to pick one up and eat it.

Lovely story, Kathy. Memories of family and food can't get better than this.


Thank you all for the comments! I'm so glad you liked the story and the photos.

Manu - Thank YOU for confirming the Sicillian dialect and spelling of piddicusa....I'm never sure if the words my mom used were actually dialect or some Ital-English combo she and my aunts made up....I thought about adding that in Italy they are called "bigne," but I have a story and recipe for that, too....another post.

Forest - If only I were taking food photos at that young age! It would have been great, and funny, to see the two versions side by side, right?

Corinne - If picking them up and eating them is what you want to do, my goal here has been accomplished. Thanks! :-)


A chocolate, chocolate eclair! How wonderful! And beautiful picture of your mom!


Okay. I'm crying. And I'm hungry. So your writing achieved TWO goals ;-) A special and touching memorial to your beautiful mom.


Your chocolate eclairs made my stomach loud, they look fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing and what lovely memories. I love the connection between great memories and food. My greatest memory with my mom was when we had family over how all the women would prep the food while the men took care of the grill. My mother taught me how to make traditional Colombian food, the way her mom had taught her in Colombia and so on. It was an experience that although I was young made me realize that one day I would pass on my acquired food knowledge to my daughter and so on. Mom's are the best. =]


It looks delicious, and after reading the story, chocolate eclairs never taste the same again. It's touching.

The Chocolate Priestess

Now that is what I want in an eclair, more chocolate!


I had tears in my eyes while reading about your mom (my sister). She was a wonderful baker and made do with ordinary kitchen utensils. Her desserts always looked professional to me and the dripping chocolate on the eclairs was her signature piece. Thanks for the memories.


@ FreeSpiritEater - I want to see those Colombian recipes! I went to your blog and am following on FB! Can't wait!


Thanks for the awesome step by step instructions!!! These look fabulous, cant wait to make them :)

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