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May 11, 2011


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Oh geez, I'd love to have happy hour here, totally class! I'll add one serving of the barley "risotto" with shrimp and arugula pesto while we're at - looks amazing.
And okay, someone has to say it, Lucio is pretty easy on the eyes, "lucido" or not :)


I agree with you, Tuula. Classy place! I confess I probably would have passed this by if I'd seen it while traveling because I can just see the euros just flying out of my pocket. But if I plan for it when I go, I'll bring extra :-)


I like your name for it, "orzotto." It all looks good. I especially would like to nibble on the potato crochettes while having a Lucio made cocktail.


Amazing. What a suprise to see a rustic dish like fave e cicoria presented in such an elegant way!


Tuula - The "orzotto" was amazing...and it's one of the recipes Paola shared with me. I especially thought of you and Corinne at Gourmantic when posting the photo of Lucio...just a little "thanks" for all the photos you give us that are just as easy on the eyes! ;-)

Paula - Just another reason to LOVE the south of Italy. Prices are much more reasonable, so those euros wouldn't be flying out the door as quickly as you think. I'm getting pricing information to add to the main body of the post. Thanks for bringing this up.

Jozee - You might be taste testing the orzotto soon :-)

Frank - Quite an makeover, right? If you check out Jeremy at DoBianchi's link (in my post above), you can see the two plated versions; Jeremy's photo in a more rustic version and the one above, with a more modern look.

Corinne @ Gourmantic

The presentation of the dishes is amazing and I'm very keen to try the 'orzotto'. It looks so moist and appetising. You must have come back very inspired after this class :)

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