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May 04, 2011


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Lecce is one of the best kept secrets in all of Italy. So many wonderful places to eat in Puglia. And these photos, Mama Mia! Thanks for sharing.

Kathy McCabe


La Giulietta looks delicious. So do the other pastries. So many choices and I want to taste them all.


Oh lovely! Lucky you to get a personal tour - there are so many of these pastries that I've never heard of - so great to learn about them (& you really have my mouth watering with these photos!).
And La Giulietta is so pretty, I agree - and I'm sure we really can guess where the name came from, lol - maybe that's why it's so pretty!
Wonderful post as always :)


WOW!!! Such a scrumptious array of delights. :-) How fun to taste test!!


I would never have picked Luca out as a pastry chef. But I'd eat his mustaccioli if he offered them.


My dream someday is to travel to Italy but in the meantime I so enjoy reading these posts from those lucky enough to travel there and even better that you have shared these gorgeous, tempting photos and details of your experience!

Fresh Garden

Absolutely wonderful!
Thanks for sharing, it's inspiring!

Corinne @ Gourmantic

I bet he was as charming as his sweet creations!


Kathy - You are right. Lecce and the entire Salento region are tranquil treasures.

Tuula & Krista - Yes, I was definitely lucky to get the tour and to taste.

Paula - I agree, but everyone looks different in chef whites. That said, even I did a double take when they introduced me. I was expecting someone older.

Linda - Thank you so much for the kind words...I love sharing Italy and am glad you can travel vicariously until you do get there yourself.

Corinne - He was really nice, and very generous not only with information but also with the treats he sent us home with.

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