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May 24, 2011


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OMG!! These are most scrumptious photos I have seen ... I want to eat ALL of them forget the idea of slicing altogether; just give me the whole thing. Next birthday, Kathy, I want one of those pizzas, just exactly like that one (but bigger)!! This is going into my must-do-when-in-Rome file!


... and, yes, this would definitely be on MY "last meal" menu - senza alcun dubbio!


It is the best... but it just doesn't taste the same anywhere else does it?

Elizabeth MInchilli

Glad you made it to Pizzarium!


Ah, you've got me going with this one. We used to live close by the Campo de' fiori, so il Forno was one of our regular pit stops. Not sure if Pizzarium even existed in those days, but if it did, we never made it there. Peccato!


Yum! So jealous of that beautiful pizza!


Hey, if you are going to make this pizza for anyone, it better be for me! I'll buy the ingredients. How do you spell scrumptious? Well, the pizza's look scrumptious.


Thanks for the comments everyone.

Jozee and Paula - Hold up, now. I am going to ATTEMPT to make the pizza, but even those who attended his class have had problems replicating it. I'm not making any promises.....and artichokes are definitely NOT in season in December.

Elizabeth - Thank you for your recommendations. I'm keeping the names of the other spots that I didn't get to during this trip for the next one....and, after your post on Perilli, have added it to the list. So much great food, so little time. The saying should go, "Per mangiare a Roma, non basta una vita."

Frank - I had an apartment in Rome for a short time, a little over a year ago. I seemed to make my way through the Campo de' Fiori to cross the Tevere almost daily. I can't tell you how many times I've made a stop at Il Forno. I think Pizzarium opened in the last few years, so maybe you had left Rome by then. I still like Il Forno, but Pizzarium is on a whole different level.


In response to your message about artichokes not being in season in December, I'm quite open to an "un-birthday" treat in summer ;-)

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