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May 25, 2011


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Knowing how seaside residents adore eating shellfish raw and directly from their shells, I can imagine the snobbiness of the locals who KNOW the best way to eat these!! I haven't tried them, but I'm sure the people are right! The whole story stirs up the salt water in my ancestral Sicialian fishermen's blood! My family used to talk about eating sea urchins, but I don't remember much about how they ate them (they weren't from Puglia, tho).


You brought back so many memories with this post...I may write my own! You are spot on for the taste though. We have them straight from the sea with a dash of lemon.


Sounds like such a great delicacy! I've yet to try urchin of any origin, but this makes me really curious =)


Sea Urchins was one of my father's favorites. He ate them by the dozens, it seems. He would offer them to me but I declined because they didn't look appealing. Stupid me!


Paula - I don't remember hearing about them while growing up in CA either. Now, they are big here, popular more from the influence of Japanese cuisine than Italian, I think. When I told Jozee & Rosie (my aunts) about eating "gonads" in Italy, though, they said that my nonno ate them a lot, even in CA.

Rosa - Thank you! I would love to read about your experience eating them in Positano.

Peggy - Yes, try them! Fresh from the sea is the only way. I think it's the texture that turns people off much more than the taste.


Sea Urchin is a fav of mine! And those look fantastic! Great pics... hope you totally enjoyed.

Corinne @ Gourmantic

I would go crazy with these sea urchins, eaten fresh just out of the sea! Well done on, um, licking them :D

Ashley Cooley

Wow! Those sea urchins are quite beautiful. I'm glad you showed us how to eat them. I bet Andrew Zimmern loves your blog! This looks like a memorable day that I would like to have for myself! Good times right ;)

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