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June 14, 2011


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I have a pasta maker but it has been awhile since I made any. These little raviolis sound healthy and look yummy. They are so perfectly shaped-great job!


Nice idea to have artichokes in the filling. I also like the half-moon shape better than the square one. My mother's carciofi alla giudia. I cannot make them here as the artichokes are not of the right kind and I don't have mentuccia.

Erin @ Dinners, Dishes and Desserts

Oh thees ravioli just look perfect. The artichoke fillings sounds delicious, and the brown butter sauce is the perfect compliment. Great job!


There's nothing like artichokes alla romana is there?I'm headed back to Rome in October and can't wait (though I don't think they will be in season then). Lovely ravioli!


Thank you for all the great information and for mentioning my blog.I'm linking you and look forward to hearing all that you have to say.

Corinne @ Gourmantic

Oh my! That Artichoke and Potato Puree Dish looks divine, and I'm not a bit artichoke fan. But in ravioli, I'd definitely try it!


You have brought many memories of my own childhood, eating the stuffed artichokes that my Mom use to make. I always looked forward to having them on my dinner plate.


Favorite artichoke dish: steamed artichokes


Tina - Thank you! Pasta making is very therapeutic for me.

Simona - I know that if I attempt any artichoke dish that I had in Italy, especially Rome, it won't be exactly like it is there...but I will still try. It can be frustrating, though (see my pasta all' amatriciana post :-)

Kristina - No, I don't think artichokes have a second season in Rome, like they do in CA. Mushrooms, especially porcini, will be on almost every menu in October. YUM!

Janie - You're very welcome. I loved following your trip through Tuscany. Thanks for the link!

Corinne - That dish from Cibreo was excellent; the highlight of the meal.

Jozee - Yes, I'm sure those are the same artichokes that my mom made for us.

Paula: I'm right there with you on the steamed artichokes!


Artichokes of any sort in pasta... I'm not picky :)

Lacking a pasta maker (and space for one in my teeny tiny kitchen) I usually use wonton wrappers for ravioli - I'm taking cues from your filling though! Would shallots be out of place here?

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