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June 08, 2011


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What a fantastic idea, Kathy! I adore cookbooks but have not brought any back from my travels. I will have to change that now. :-)


Great post. All books (not just cookbooks) have that effect on me, which is why I have at least one room as a dedicated library that overflows throughout the house.

I usually try to bring back something that touches my heart somehow. I often means nothing to others and they wonder why I picked it. But forever after I will see or hear (yes - often it is music) the memento and the moment will come flooding back. My photos - unlike your beautiful ones - are very uninteresting to most people because they are just intended for me, to remind me of a moment. (Those pix from 1978 have had to serve me a lot longer than I had hoped!).


I think we would get along very well :)


What a wonderful idea! Some of my best travel memories revolve around food and wine! Bringing a cookbook home is a lovely way to take those memories home.


How funny we have some of the same cookbooks. i am glad to see that others also buy cookbooks in foreign languages.

Italian Notes

Thanks for the inspiration for future cookbook shopping sprees. Great to see others have the same indulgences as oneself.


I agree! Food is the best indulgence. Although I have never thought to pick up a local cookbook. What a great idea!

Suzy Guese

I am always so bad with souvenirs and actually buying something from where I am, but this is a great idea. I love how you say you can open up these cookbooks and be transported back to a meal, a moment.


I already have SO many cookbooks that I am trying to quit ... this post is NOT helping ;-)

Corinne @ Gourmantic

I gave up on buying cookbooks a long time ago however, when I'm travelling, I always peruse bookshops and dream. But that's where it stops. As tempted as I am, I can't justify the weight in my luggage and postage is an added expense. I'd rather spend the money eating/drinking than ship a droolworthy book home.

Having said that, I'm still dreaming about the Laduree book from the last time I was in Paris!

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