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June 28, 2011


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Moya Stone

I love the cover of this book. Kathy, is it contemporary? I'm a mystery fan, but well-written ones are hard to find. Thanks for the review. Looking at your food pics, I'm hungry. Good thing I packed a tasty lunch! Focaccia w/tomato and mushrooms.


Moya - these are contemporary books but they're not sophisticated literature. The stories are "cute" and the inspector is quirky, but these are no Agatha Christie books. I'll lend you one for a quick read and then you can decide whether to read more.

Kathy - I love that Camilleri is (1) always thinking of eating and (2) when he cooks for himself, he always makes some quick pasta dish ... that is SO much like my experience in Italy. Heat the water, throw in the pasta just enough to moisten it, spirnkle a bit of this and that and some cheese and EAT WHILE HOT! :-)


oops - I meant to say MONTALBANO is always hungry!


Moya - Oh, your lunch sounds perfect! Paula said it well, from my little experience with Montalbano, they are not Agatha Christie books. The plot is simple, except for the mishaps, with little surprises. Montalbano fits his setting much better than a character like H. Poirot would, who might go crazy trying to meticulously solve a crime in Sicily! Let me know what you think after you've read one.

Paula - You probably got it right the first time, Camilleri is always thinking of eating. I just picked up "The Snack Thief" and we'll see if I still feel left out of the joke. Which Camilleri book did you like best?


I often choose books for food or geography reasons too! And the 'Mpanata di Miali sounds yummy. :) Looks like a fun read.


This would be my kind of book. Mystery books are what I usually read. This would be most interesting because it ties in with Sicilian food.

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