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June 12, 2011


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Follow the colours of the Italian flag and things are usually quite tasty all year round.
But in early summer as the tomatoes come out it's even better
thanks for the list of food fairs.


Thanks Kathy :) I like the photo with the small zucchini with their blossoms: they are perfect in a risotto. Viva le zucchine!

Jeremy Parzen

Thanks, as always, Kathy! You ROCK! :)


Wow - that pizza looks staggeringly good. :-)


Great! Just discovered your blog and love it. BTW: Since the comments to the Tuscany Chianti trail are closed: If you ever come near San Gimignano again, check out Poderei del Paradiso. Great wines (Paterno II), lovely people. And the Chianti Colli Sinesi area is less sophisticated and less pricey than the Chianti Classico area.


Joshua - You are so right...the colors of the Italian flag are tasty, year round.

Simona - You're very welcome! Here's to eating more zucchini.

Jeremy - You're welcome...I'm looking out for Radici wine recaps from you and other participants/judges too.

Krista - It was!

Julia - Glad you found me! Thanks for the tips on Tuscany wineries.

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