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June 09, 2011


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Such frivolity and opulence makes me smile. :-) SO much work has gone into that detail. I wish I could interview the folks who did such things, find out what sort of people would spend their lives laboring over such intricate and outrageous art. :-)


I am dying to visit Lecce. Thank you for all the great tips and beautiful photos.


You know, I'm part pugliese yet I never made it down there during my years in Rome. Shame on me!


Lecce now added to my "to visit" list.


Krista - It made me smile, too. An interview with those artists would be priceless.

Janie - You're welcome. I'm sure you'll LOVE Lecce and the Salento region.

Frank - Yes, shame on you!! You can still go back. Do you still have relatives that live in Puglia?

Paula - Good! And, you see that the cocktails at Sette di Sette are really quite reasonable :-)

roy macdonald

Lecce in autumn is simply fantastic...it celebrates
itself with a kind of happiness that is rarely found....you WILL enjoy yourself!

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