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July 25, 2011


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Gee, I always smash up my garlic with a knife when making aglio, olio e peperoncino. That makes me ET?


Frank - After the class, I have started using the whole garlic with the skin when I don't want pieces of garlic in the dish. The rest of the time, I'm still ET. I'll just remember never to do that at another Citta del Gusto class again. They looked at me like I was some mad woman with a knife! :)


Those sauces look absolutely incredible!! If I didn't already have homemade soup on the stove, I'd have to make pasta tonight. :-)


Dear Kathy,

Just a few words....ladies, women like you and not only females, directly to ones heart passing thru the stomach (armenian saying)...congratulations for such great family, taste, refinement, heritage, culture and REAL, GOOD OLD AUTHENTICITY! I love your delicious recipes..my best favorites.
Nice, France


sorry above should read..go directly


Garlic - any way you cook it - is great!
I'm with Krista - the photos are tremendous & look delicious.


love your posts...i too love italian cooking/food and go there once a year to take cooking classes..this sept, i am headed to lecce puglia, alba piemonte and san gimignano tuscany, to take classes..i was hoping to do this class in naples but had researched it when you first posted a couple of mths ago and noticed it was conducted in italian, which i am still very very shaky at :( ..But, thanks to your posts, i have my cooking lesson right here, in english and will be defly trying next week! Keep up the great work! Enjoy your site so much!!!


Thank you everyone for the kind comments and support.

Lisa - I really appreciate hearing from everyone who follows Food Lover's Odyssey and finds it helpful. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Your trip sounds amazing, and I hope you enjoy all of it.


Ok, I totally agree with the ladies above - your posts are always wonderful and love the "authentic" recipes and insights as well. Many of us will never get to visit these places, so it is lovely to "experience" them through your eyes.
And I love that name too, Citta del Gusto, sounds so elegant (even being arms deep in pork ribs, lol) - popping over to check out their Rome site!

Corinne @ Gourmantic

It's only mid morning here and I'm craving this food!

Interesting note about the garlic. I was told to smash it with a knife. I wonder what they would have thought of garlic crusher! ;)

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