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August 10, 2011


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Love your photo of the photogs!

When I was able to travel in the past, I only had a silly little camera that took few and bad photos, but each of those photos still manages to bring me back to the moment. In some ways it was better for me because I only took pix of people I wanted to remember, not a lot of generic ones.

But my best souvenirs are things I couldn't buy here (which nowadays isn't much). I bought items handmade in the place where I was (e.g., I have a ruana from Colombia that I still don't think I could find here). I also brought home gifts from relatives and friends, even if they weren't particularly "unique."

I TRIED bringing home a handsome European man, but didn't manage that.


Ah, your twitter avatar pic that always lets me know it's time for dinner! I understand even better now your affinity for it given that it was your first Neopolitan pizza. I love the moments that you take pictures of like that one. And I need a spritz, preferably in Venice. Now. :)

Cristina, from Buenos Aires to Paris

What a lovely tour for my morning here!!! Your photo with the pizza? The face of happiness and satisfaction !!! Sicily!!! (i have to get back)
Thanks because it revived memories in me too !!

letti in ferro battuto

as said before, lovely tour :)


SUCH fabulous souvenirs from your travels. :-) Pictures have become my favorite souvenirs - along with pashminas and jewelry because they're light and beautiful and I can use them. :-)


Love the photos...Mont St. Michel and the Cologne cathedral are breathtaking!


Thank you all for the kind comments and for sharing some of your favorite souvenirs. Glad to see many of you also named photos.

Paula - Yes, the picture of the photographers certainly changes the image of those "Carnival posers," doesn't it.

Margo - Yes, the story about my avatar photo is out :)

Cristina - Glad I could help bring back some travel memories for you, too. Yes, Sicily, I also need to get back.

Letti - Thank you.

Krista - I also buy jewelry and scarves, and they, too, remind me of the places where I bought them.

Nancy - Glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you.

Rowton Castle

I appreciate your pain in uploading them and writing your travel experiencecs, I love the picture of the three, one standing as a "BOND" girl holding a gun haha Hilarious..

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