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August 17, 2011


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Clever idea!


hmmm, there is already more Italy than France...


Paula - Thanks!

Pro_vence - True, and yet, both France destinations have taken an early lead.


PIEMONTE absolutely!! I was there last year and the food and wine blew me away! Yummm ...


I chose the Lake region in Italy, alsace is another great place to visit.

Lisa Burdan

Hey Kathy,
NOt sure where you decided to go, but it looks like Piedmont won the vote.
Just wanted to let you know if you are going there for a culinary experience, there is this american couple who live there now, who used to own a restaurant in the US, and now do wine tours and cooking classes near Asti-www.travellanghe.com. They also have a great wine and food blog off this site. I am going there in Sept to do a one day cooking class with them and my friend is doing wine tours of Barolo and Barberesco with them. Might be something you might want to check out if you ultimately decide to go there!
If you are interested, I can let you know how my cooking class went with them.
Regardless of where you go, Happy Travels!


Lisa: You're right, Piedmont is the winning region. I've already made some of my plans for the region, but will check out the website. I would love to hear how your class and the wine tours go. Thanks, and happy travels also to you!


Let's hear it for NORTHERN ITALY!!

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