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September 18, 2011


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Kate Little

Buon viaggio!!!


I am glad you started Italy on a plate, as I really enjoy reading it every week. Have a safe and wonderful trip!


A great list of blogs. This will keep me very busy! I also love the setteveli photo - a reminder of Sicily. Buon viaggio.


Great posts again this week. I went to taste of Milano yesterday thanks to your round up last week! I wouldn't have known it was here if it wasn't for your lists! (the Milan trip was planned for a long time already! - nothing to do with food, but glad to include it, it was fun!)


Wow, there are so many great festivals next month...and into November! How cool is November Porc, lol...what an awesome name! Putting it on my Italy to-do list, plus like 10 of the other festivals. Too much good stuff! You've really done an awesome job with putting this weekly overview together for all of us - grazie mille and buon anniversario!! Happy 1st birthday Italy on a Plate!


Luscious as ever. Have a great time on your travels - so many things to see, do and experience. I look forward to sharing some of them along the way.


Hi Kathy,

Thanks for the mention and happy birthday to Italy on a Plate. Have a great time during your travels and I look forward to reading what you have discovered.

Bruce Mackay

I bet I could get fat around thet kind of desert.
The recipies looked good even.

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