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September 25, 2011


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I guess I know where I'll be eating next time I'm in Paris! Looks wonderful.


What a lovely blog! I found you while taking a little coffee break with a Foodblogs update. Paris is the most wonderful city for walking and eating (even though we are gluten intolerant and have to be careful where we stop). I so enjoyed this post and a peek at the "walk" post. You've really captured the feel of Paris - I can't wait to spend more time on your site.


Frank - Yes, I highly recommend it. Although I usually want to try different restaurants when in Paris, I am thinking this deserves a repeat visit, soon.

Kathryn - Let's hear it for coffee breaks and finding new blogs! Welcome and I hope you enjoy.


Sounds like a great place to dine next time I am in Paris. Good reason to go the 15th, an area I don't know at all. I became aware of your blog by way of Tuula's Provence blog and will be looking for new food ideas.


Michel - Welcome! I hope you like what you see. Yes, Epicuriste (along with Pierre Herme's Pasteur shop) are two great reasons to get to the 15th.

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