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September 29, 2011


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Adri Crocetti

C'est un binge magnifique!!You have outdone yourself! Brava!


What a great way to celebrate your birthday!


Ohhhh, these look ridiculously good! Especially the "vanilla line" - have to get up to Paris soon, just to do my own pastry tour, wonderful idea :)


Adri - Thank you, it was a binge magnifique with more to come.

Paula - I couldn't agree more.

Tuula - I'm looking forward to a Provence pastry binge also, but, yes, I think you should do your own Paris pastry tour.

Corinne @ Gourmantic

Like I said... torture!


For me it is Gerald Mulot. I agree with you do not start off with the best. I like his tart citron so much and then had one at Dallyou and thought it did not compare. All I got from PH this time was the Isaphan croissant. The heat wave was on when I was there and I must confess it dulled my desire for pastries. Hard to believe I know. Towards the end of my time I felt that I needed to start making up for it.

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