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November 17, 2011


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Oh. My. Goodness!! That drinking chocolate looks absolutely heavenly. :-)


Is the chocolate similar to that in Turin?


What a great post. Love the chocolate.


Wonderful job on this post Kathy, was all I hoped it would be :) Just dying over your photos and really loved your description of the day - glad you got a chance for the "pork break" (he he) as I agree, it can be a bit of chocolate overload. But in the best possible way!


We have always thought about attending this festival but just thinking about the number of people there has kept us away. However, it seems that the inconvenience is worth all that chocolate tasting which is very reasonable. Your photos are gorgeous!


Beautiful photographs - chocolate and countryside! And it sounds like a delicious day! :-)


Thank you all for the comments! Glad to see there are many fellow chocolate lovers out there.

Krista - The drinking chocolate/hot chocolate was heavenly, so much so, I had to have two.

Paula - There were a lot of the same chocolatiers at both festivals, CioccolaTo & Eurochocolate. (They are part of the same chocolate family of festivals.) The difference that I saw was that at CioccolaTo there was still a focus on the chocolates of Turin and the majority of stands were from Turin & Piedmont. At Eurochocolate there were only two Perugia Chocolate stands that I could easily pick out from the many stands, Perugina and Vanucci. Eurochocolate is much bigger & more spread out than CioccolaTo, and the large companies (named above in the post) overshadow the smaller ones both in booth size & number. A few things I did like better at Eurochocolate were the chococard & the generosity in samplings. Eurochocolate was much more crowded, but I don't think I can fairly compare the crowd size, as I was in Turin at the beginning of the festival and at Eurochocolate on the last Saturday.

Tuula - Yes,the pork break was a necessity. It balanced out my insulin levels and prevented me from falling asleep on one of those beach chairs at Spalm Beach :D

Browsing Rome - I would go again if I were in Rome during Eurochocolate. The only thing I'd change is getting to the train station at least 30 minutes before the train left!

Jessica - Thank you for the kind compliments. It was definitely a delicious day.

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