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November 13, 2011


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Very informative, as usual. If anybody is in Umbria this time of the year, I would recommend visiting a frantoio and tasting some olive oil over bruschetta: a simple pleasure rooted in tradition.

Pat S

Can you please tell me the recipe for that delicious looking pasta in the photo ? My stomach growls for it.
Lovely site, great post.


Pat took the words right out of my mouth. That delicious looking pasta is what I am craving right now.


Simona - Thank you, and I agree with you about visiting a frantoio (olive mill). Sadly, this trip I was in Italy this fall too early to experience a freshly pressed olive oil. (Also, in last week's Italy on a Plate post, there is a link to a frantoio visit in Umbria.)

Pat and Jozee - The photo is of rigatoni with la coda alla vaccinara, or braised oxtail ragu, from Capo di Ferro in Rome. I adapted a recipe based on the chef's instructions. After having it a few weeks ago at the Capo di Ferro in Rome (in Trastevere), I realized that they use a little bit more tomatoes than I have in the recipe. So, I would use 1 1/2 times the tomatoes in the recipe. They also don't strain the sauce and probably didn't reduce it as I do in my recipe. I would make those adjustments to the recipe and add cooked rigatoni to get it to look like the photo above. The recipe is here -


Mmm, I recognize that heavenly panna cotta! :-) Love the sounds of that Apple cake with lemons, oliv oil & sage too. :-)


Ha ha ha, I love the idea of the bye bye Berlusconi cocktail, too funny :) Although I'm more interested in making that Pumpkin risotto - sounds to die for! Great post and gorgeous photos as always :)


I've made pumpkin risotto - it IS good (but I'll always love my nonna's risotto milanese best!).

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