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November 08, 2011


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wandering educators

oh my gosh - what an AMAZING place!! i'd love to go there.


Beautiful photos and food!

Shinkaku Marquis

Molto bene...you just gotta love Lombardia...a well kept secret just above the touristy Tuscany


This wins as my all-time favorite FLO post. I'm not at all biased, of course, simply because my maternal ancestors are from Lombardy ;-)

But the risotto dishes ALL look & sound wonderful - yes, even the frog (which does in fact taste like chicken). I'm looking forward to your take on the Taleggio recipe. I adore the saffron risotto which my nonna made often; I doubt that the sausage could improve it but I'd be willing to try it! And I wouldn't start raising donkeys just to make ragu, but again, I'd give it a go.

The duck looks SO good; and since it's wild, I know I would love it (give me the game birds over domestic any time!)

But, of course, the piece de resistance was the interview with il Conte. Eduoardo seems like such a delightful fellow. I would LOVE to have a chance to chat with him about his past - specifically his great uncle (Il Gattopardo & Death in Venice - OMG!!!).

You sure know how to make connections, Kat!


A wonderful post; loved your meal, can almost taste the various dishes between your descriptions and pictures. You would not want to be a shy or uptight eater at Eduoardo's restaurant with "lard", "frog" and "donkey" included on the menu.


That was such a fantastic day! :-) love the golden light and wonderful hunting lodge AND that fabulous food. :-)

Jen Laceda

Oh yes, uh-huh! Definitely green with envy here. Lunch with a Visconti in Lombardy? Reads (and tastes) like a fairy tale!


Wandering Educators: It was surreal. If you do get out that way, you should stop into the ristorante and enjoy at least one plate of risotto.

Shinkaku: I think Milan might get a little touristy, too. However, in this secluded spot, any visitor could have it all to him/herself.

Paula: Wow! Your all time favorite? That's quite an accolade, especially since I know you've read every post!! I'm so glad you liked it.

Michel: Yes, you're so right. Uptight or fussy eaters would definitely have a problem here, but they would also miss out on discovering some excellent foods and dishes.

Krista: It definitely was a fantastic day. I'm so glad you were there. Thanks again for letting me use the photo of Edoardo for this post :D

Jen: Glad you like my little fairy tale. I guess the only problem was that we ate the frog instead of kissing him, right?


Ohhh...how incredible was this day! Wow Kathy, what an experience and the place looks simply GORGEOUS - what a fairy tale setting for an unforgettable meal. I'll be dreaming of that Porcini Mushroom soufflé in a Parmigiano Cup for days! Thanks for another wonderful post :)


Krista,you should put this story on your website. Hope to meet you one day. Ciao,Michele

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