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November 29, 2011


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Added to my to-see list!


Speaking of Testaccio…I’ve been meaning to leave a note of thanks for your blog entry on Da Bucatino. I went there in September based on your recommendation, and had a delicious bowl of bucatini all’amatriciania. I still think about that meal and smile.


Kathy it was so great to meet you on Kenny's tour and I hope that we'll keep in touch in the future! I notice that you didn't mention your new "husband" at the Testaccio market! :)


Paula - Good to hear!

Becky - Thanks for the comment and am so glad to hear you enjoyed the dish at Da Bucatino. Did they give you a bib to wear while you ate it, too?

Akila - Good meeting you, too. I don't know what you mean by my new husband, though. I don't remember any odd/romantic/etc. encounters at the market.

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