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November 25, 2011


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Madonna!! That is really extravagant. I remember those good Italian weddings we used to go to ... no one has them here any more. My next wedding is going to be just like this one. (Ha!)


Wow, what a day! The bride looks so beautiful and I loved reading about the traditions - must have been so interesting seeing the mix of the 2 different regions. Plus, look at that spread! I would love to go to an Italian wedding, what a party :)

Italian Notes

Fantastic story and photos. Thanks for sharing.


A strikingly original dress!

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Awesome. From your description of the day, it seems like a was a fabulous one. From the food to the people, they all seem happy.


Paula - Yes, it was a huge celebration. If your "next" wedding is going to be like this, I sure hope I get an invitation - or am allowed to crash it ;)

Tuula - It was an awesome day, one of many I had while in Salento. That pre-dinner spread was a full meal in itself.

Italian Notes - Thank you, I'm glad you liked the story.

Rosa - I agree, the dress was quite striking. Something tells me it fit the bride's personality well. One thing I should have mentioned in the post is that the dress was one of the very few things that did not follow tradition - as wedding dresses are traditionally white.

Wedding Photography

Love the bridal gown! So unique and lovely!

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