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December 13, 2011


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Dottie Traudt

I was in Rome during the holidays and we stayed in Trastevere. At one of the bakeries they had what looked like a cake covered in spaghetti with chocolate. Any idea what this might be?


Thanks for this very comprehensive list :) When I get the chance, I will check out some new places you have mentioned. My favorites are listed and another one worth the mention that is not here is Innocenti in Trastevere :)


@Dottie Traudt ice cream cake maybe

@BrowsingRome love Pasticceria Innocenti too, it was not easy to limit the selection to 10 places ;)


@Dottie ...or more probably it was a mont blanc, but "spaghetti" are made of chestnut not chocolate ;)


TavoleRomane & Dottie - I think Tavole Romane is right about the Mont Blanc. And, don't some places dust cocoa over the top, making the "spaghetti" look a little chocolatey?

Browsing Rome - Thanks for your addition, pasticceria Innocenti. All this pastry talk is making me wish I were in Rome right now. I'm saving this list (many of the places I've not been to yet) for my next trip. Something tells me its a great list even after the holidays!

Soma Sengupta

Looks great. Thanks!

Grace Polichar

Wonderful memories...Thanks! Any chance for a Panpeppato recipe?


Oh my, Kathy! What a magnificent collection of everything wonderful about Christmas in Italy! Bravissima - you have done it once again!!

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