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December 01, 2011


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I'm with you re the carbonara :-) But I don't care how nice it may sound in Italian, tripe is still tripe and I can do without. Still have to try some of that oxtail stew (also makes my mouth water to see photos of it). Never had chicory ... hmmm.

J @ ... semplicemente j ...

Quanto mi manca l'Italia ... I am a fan of the food of the Emilia Romagna region ... all the dishes look wonderful!


Oh my, Da Danilo sounds amazing - don't know how we missed it all these years! Has all the classic Roman dishes and happy to hear the service was good as well :) And the carbonara does sound divine...definitely on the list for the next trip!


The pasta pictures especially the carbonara practically made me drool. I have never considered oxtail to be offal. I have only had tripe one time but that dish looks delish. I am definitely keeping this for when we get to Rome.


Paula - The puntarelle is a nice contrast to many Roman secondi. I ususally don't like bitter greens, but this isn't too bitter and the vinaigrette & anchovies make the dish. I'll be trying to replicate that Carbonara & soon, believe me.

J - Thanks for the comment and the compliment. I'm back in CA, so I'm with you in the quanto mi manca l'Italia department.

Tuula - When you go let me know what you think.

Michel - We were having a very similar discussion about offal & oxtail. Not an organ meat, it's an off cut, though, and part of the quinto quarto in Roman cuisine. It's also a great introduction to off cuts for those a little squeamish of the other inner bits.


Every one of those photos had been drooling. Ho fame!!!

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