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January 13, 2012


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Christine @WhyGoFrance

Dinner of champions? I'll take it all!


You've hit on some of my very favorite dishes of all! In my Paris days I practically lived on cassoulet in the winter.


I love a lot of this but yes, crème brulée, chocolate éclairs and lemon tarts are the best comfort food!


Creme brulee -- my favorite.


My favorite French comfort food is also my biggest food "sin". I love Creme Anglaise. I love it so much that when ever I make it, whether it be as a dessert sause or ice cream base, I always have to make extra. I drink it. Yes, I can hear you now! Don't laugh. It is just so grand. And throw in a little liquore, whether it be Punch Abruzzo, Amaretto, Frangelico or Borghetti Epsresso - it's all good with me!


My favorite is DEFINITELY Boeuf Bourguignon - especially with extra creamy mashed potatoes and a strong red wine on a cold night in Paris. :-)

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