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February 05, 2012


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Ciao Kathy, Well I will absolutely have to try your Frittelle Veneziane. They are positively gorgeous. When Bart saw the photo he said "She has such a great site." Another fan! I can't wait to make them. All the best to you.


Oh my these are something I remember eating plenty of at Carnevale in Venice. I've been wanting to make something similar and now you're giving me the push to do it.


Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love these fritters!


Adri - Thanks so much. I'm so glad that both you and Bart like the post and the site. Let me know when you make them.

Linda - It seems almost mandatory that one must binge on frittelle, or the names they go by in other regions, during Carnival. Will look forward to seeing your version.

Ambika - Thanks. They were quite good.


WOW, this looks so amazing! Yum!! :)


Hi can i use active dry yeast to make these.


Dina - Yes, you can. To substitute active dry yeast for cake yeast, you should you half the amount. In this case, that would be 3/4 ounce active dry yeast. Thanks for the question, and I'll make note of it in the recipe.


Thank you. I made them and they were amazing. Thank you for the recipe

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