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March 02, 2012


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Jen Laceda

I didn't know how yummy olives were until my 1st backpacking trip to the south of france, italy and spain! i tasted my first olives in aix-en-provence...and life changed after that!

by the way, i have a new blog, http://tartineandapronstrings.com . hope you can visit me there it’s going to be mainly a food blog with side servings of travel and design! i’m also giving away 2 cookbooks right now.

Judy Witts Francini

how funny- i created a sweet black olive jam years ago when I did a presentation in USA for IACP-- should have"produced" it!!!


Wow! Thanks, Kathy for some much needed enlightenment! This sounds positively fascinating. I wish I were there to try everything you shot. IT all looks fab. I can't wait until Olivotto hits our shores.

Account Deleted

Very innovative ideas! Here in Istanbul, the chef at Ciya makes candied (in sugar syrup) black olives, tomatoes, black walnuts and quince and serves it as part of a dessert plate. It's very good!


How very clever!! I love when people find a new twist for familiar ingredients. And what a boon to local olive growers as well. :-) I'm very interested in trying this. :-)

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