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March 14, 2012


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With a father named Giuseppe, I should know more about zeppole, in the sense that I should be able to make them, but honestly, I have never tried. I wish I could send him one of yours: he'd be very happy. Truly beautiful.


Sometimes I love traveling alone and then others, I'm SO glad when friends show up to remind me that I am known and loved and that I matter. :-) Sounds dramatic, but it's the truth. :-)


Just beautiful and a comprehensive easy to understand lesson. I prefer your idea of ganache on top. Personal taste preference, only. Thank you for another terrific bit of work.


Simona - Thanks. My grandfather was Giuseppe & one of my aunts is Giuseppina. When I brought her some zeppole for her onomastico, she didn't remember having them before but remembers her parents celebrating San Giuseppe on March 19. (I'm gonna have to check to see if they celebrate San Giuseppe with a different sweet in Sicily, possibly sfinge??)

Krista - I like a little alone time, too. The memories of my first day of Salento and how different the place felt after meeting Ylenia and the rest of the ladies is part of the reason I love Puglia so.

Adri - Thanks Adri, glad you the like the recipe and the "lesson," as you say. Let me be clear, though, I like both types of zeppole! (Don't want to get in trouble with my Neapolitan friends ;)


Beautiful! And it doesn't actually sound all that hard to make…


wow those are beautiful! i'm impressed!


is there any way to bake rather than fry these?

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