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April 11, 2012


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Simona Carini

Happy Blog Birthday! I know how much work it is to make a cassata: it requires true dedication. The result looks gorgeous!


Oh my Kathy, but you have outdone yourself with this one! Congratulations on a really fantastic site. I say it every time, but Again, I just do not know how you do it! Thanks for the terrific info. And keep up the really fab work.

Judy Witts Francini

auguri bella!


How beautiful!


This is just gorgeous Kathy, wow! And I have only seen Cassata in those Roman pastry shops that you talk about... but I don't think any looked as beautiful as this! And congratuations on all of your hard work & dedication to this blog - it brings a lot of joy to many people, long may it continue - auguri!

Jen Laceda

happy anniversary!!! and when i'm in your area, i'll definitely sign up for your Puglia tour! sounds exciting!


Thanks for all the comments and auguri, ladies. I really appreciate it.

Jen: Would love to have you join the Puglia trip!

Patrice Calise

Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the recipe. I made a Happy Hippo cassatta for my son's first communion a few years ago and had to scratch around for a good recipe.

Mark Mullaney

This is incredible artwork. Fantastic.

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