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December 13, 2012


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It's a difficult answer: I was just in Rome for a short vacation and I ate pasta AND pizza everyday!! But I will go with pasta as my favorite: prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients and it's unbeatable!!

Francesca Hutchinson

Fresh Pasta with Sausage and Peppers gets me every time!


Oh my, this is tough! I will go with Cacio e pepe. I have read about Mamma Agata. I did not know she had a book. This is TOO cool!


Any dish that is covered in truffles!! Thanks for the chance!


Favourite? You've got to be kidding - there are hundreds or maybe thousands. I guess if I had to choose one I would choose Osso Bucco, but then maybe pizza would win. But how could I not put pasta as number one? I love spaghetti carbonara. I know I know! BISCOTTI! That is my favourite. But wait, what about gelato...zabaglioni...I give up. I love it all.

Bart Cannistra

Well, this is like picking one’s favorite child. Only, in this case there are dozens to choose from. So, I pick my go to reliable for a filling dinner: Spaghetti Carbonara.


Pizza, any kind but Sicilian sfincione is the best.

Alysha Sandow

My favourite dish is something like Spaghetti al Contadino or a Braciole alla Napoletana, where ingredients are fresh from the garden or locally sourced so you can taste every flavour perfectly! The tastes and good ingredients completely make the meal. :)

Simona Carini

I have been thinking about this all day today: this time of the year, I miss being in Milan, where I could get a freshly baked panettone. If I were stranded in a desert island and I could choose one Italian dessert, it would be panettone: perfection in seeming simplicity.

Paula Aiello

Torta setteveli!!


My favorite Italian dish is Bagna Cauda - my Piemontese grandma always made it for holidays


What a treat to have experienced this cooking class. Italian food with its fresh, simple flavors, is amazing. A favorite ???? a canoli from a local Italian family.

Deb Jacobs

A favorite is so hard to pick out of all my "favorites", but Cinghiale on polenta is probably my favorite secondo.
(Or cinghiale ragu and parpadella~)

Carol Szafalowicz

Anything with Pasta!!! Love love love
Spaghetti with clams and dessert, my Lord who can
pick just one......but if I must a creamy
Panna Cotta with Fresh Berries.... Yum

Sounds like it would be a wonderful class.

Merry Christmas, Warmly, Carol from Chicago

Judith Q Stewart

I am in Italy every day of my life, as both my maternal & paternal grandparents immigrated to usa as newlyweds. i'm now 68 and have learned how to eat Mediterranean since a baby! it was the very best gift/birthright i could have received. lemon chicken/pasta is a weekly meal in my home. so i will honour it as my favourite.


Choosing a favorite Italian dish is hard to do but one of my favorites is aglio e olio. If it's made correctly, it's wonderful.

Anne Wallace

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. I felt magically transported to Mama Agata's.

To pick just one favorite is a task I would have to do differently every half hour to even come close to doing justice to Italian cuisine. However, since I am an artisan bread baker I suppose I will go with Ciabatta. But bread with pasta, without wine, without gelato...??!

Thanks for the chance to win. Happy holidays!


Definitely limocello. Perfect for a summer day or the ending of a meal regardless of the season!

Nicole Daze

Everything Italian is amazing!

Lydia Yount

My, my too many fabulous dishes to pick from and I have a few favorites. Pastries by Luca, gelato, pizza, and those delicious vegetables and pasta dishes I tried in Puglia, but I have to say a pasta dish, Orecchiette and Salentine Breads were excellent.


My favorite dish would be Eggplant Parmesan, no Pasta e Ceci, no Minestra, no anything cooked with the love that the dishes in the photos have been cooked with

Judy Clements

Anything with eggplant!


cannoli for dessert and for dinner pasta with spicy meat sauce. Of course the options are limitless.


Limocello as you can drink it but also make heavenly cupcakes with it. I love most Italian food but husband and son don't so this would be perfect getaway for me and indulenge in the cooking and eating


Bucatini all'amatriciana... After my trip to Rome this year, I've made your recipe a number of times. And love it! So simple, yet so delicious!


Linguine with Clam Sauce.


I like Eggplant Parmigiano.


When I was in Florence, I ate black chocolate gelato every chance I could get. It tasted like frozen, dark chocolate pudding. It was the best!


I'm not sure I can choose just one! I love homemade ricotta ravioli with a simple tomato sauce-it reminds me of Sunday lunches with my grandparents.


Without a doubt....hand rolled trofie con salsa al basiclico e fagiolini. My absolute favorite forever!


Well, my comment disappeared, but here is the recap.
I never leave Italy without going to Naples for a day or two for sfogliatelle and their wonderful, sweet, creamy, rich, and powerful espresso.....and then there is mozzarella di bufala.


My favorite Italian food besides gelato would have to be Eggplant Parmigiano. Yum!!!


How does one choose a favourite? Although an absolute staple I had with every meal in Italy was Bruschetta. Classic and understated, made from local produce and ingredients, it is now impossible to enjoy bruschetta anywhere but Italy.


Thank you all for your commments, and yes, I understand that choosing just one dish is virtually impossible. We have a cookbook winner and she is comment #29, Janie! Congratulations, Janie, and I'll be contacting you for your mailing information. Giveaway comments are now closed but please add your favorite dish or any other comments to the conversation.

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