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April 02, 2013


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Easter is actually a 50-day season. I vote for 50 days of feasting!! :-)


We always made cudduri (aka cu di lova in Sicilian) every Easter until I got too old and too busy. Gotta get younger and less busy ... I miss them!

Wendy Heredia

Enjoyed your post Kathy! We missed you here at Easter.

Lydia Yount

I'm looking at these pics of food and they make me hungry. I want to go back to Italy and take the tour again!! I'm envious that you ar there again!!!


What a marvelous article. I feel like I am right there! Looking at your photographs and reading your words has the desired effect; I am hungry, and I want to journey to Puglia. I wish I were with you and your merry band of travelers. I am quite an armchair traveler, Kathy. When I come upon articles like this, I really am transported. You made my day. Thanks so much.


Oh my, I'm full just looking at that terrific array of foods. I especially love the bread studded with prosciutto. And yes, it's a good thing you weren't around during the time of Savanarola!


What a wonderful holiday-I love you photos too.

Frank @Memorie di Angelina

Sweet! And that marzipan lamb is just adorable...

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