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April 07, 2014


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Marivic L

I want to be in Venice too and spend the day with Monica and Arianna, just hanging out in their kitchen! My ideal meal would be exactly what is on the cooking class--a seafood appetizer, a seafood pasta, a fresh whole fish as the main, and even if I should not be having any dessert, I would love to inhale half a pan of that tiramisu! I love Venice!

Lois Reynolds Mead

The perfect meal must include seafood risotto (last October I had a most amazing one at Donna Onesta). Please, can there be proseco...after that, I would take anything, just to be in Venice!


I love Italy and Venice is clearly one of its jewels :) My perfect meal would be risotto and a perfectly tender seafood platter with nice music in the background and the view- Venice!! Bella Italia!

Simona Carini

Risotto al nero di seppia: I have not had it in forever. The important thing would be to be in Venice.
Very nice giveaway, Kathy, thank you. I'll let my readers know.

Mary Klestadt

My perfect meal in Venice would be a a large plate of shellfish -including razor clams, some baked branzino, tiramisu and a scroppino to finish..... Aaahh!

cathy branciaroli

The delicate shellfish of the lagoon are calling my name, prepared as they are done in the wine bars of Venice. I spent many a pleasant hour exploring the back alleys where they can be found during my earlier visits to this lovely city. Thanks for the very nice give-away

Johanna Merenheimo

I can't believe I missed this!!!! I'm devostated now. I was so sure that I commented few days ago but can't see my comment here :(
I must've messed up something. My bad. I so wanted to win this for my hubby.

Well, great contest anyway. Lucky one whoever wins this, I'm sure it's gonna be fantastic day!

Johanna Merenheimo

PS. (just couldn't resist... ;))
If I won I would give it to my hubby and he'd be thrilled. And what would be his choice? Propably fish or any kind of seafood. No wait, it has to be pasta cause he never liked pasta before until he got to taste it in Italy. Or maybe it would be.... ANYTHING!

And I would be thrilled if getting to take great photos of the food too :)


Thank you everyone for participating! We have a winner....Congratulations Mary Klestadt (aka comment #5), you've won one cooking class with Monica and Arianna of Cook in Venice! I've emailed you the details. I'm certain you'll enjoy your class with them!

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